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The band at Kansas National Guard Armory, November 3, 1961. Julie Turner on vocals.

Julie Turner was the primary female vocalist with the band during the 60s. She is pictured here, seated next to Warren. He describes her in the chronology, saying "She moves good at the mike, sells great, and always looks 19 years old."


1961 promotional bill for the orchestra, featuring Julie Turner.


Marilyn Maye

"He discovered Marilyn when she was 16 years old. She sang with the band a lot. He went to New York when she went to make a recording contract. Here first one. He was a mentor for Marilyn and they were very good friends throughout his life." -Jan Durrett

Marilyn Maye is an internationally known cabaret singer, with a career that has been continuing for more than seventy years.  Some honors include appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and several recorded albums. Ella Fitzgerald called her, "The greatest white female singer in the world." She started singing with the band in the early 50s. Additionally, Warren utilized her talents in his jingle business. You can hear her singing several jingles for Hosum Bread in the Durrett Productions exhibit.