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Jeepers Creepers score (1).jpg
This is an excerpt of the score to "Jeepers Creepers" written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer. The score is not dated. Note the corrections and changes made in black ink throughout the score.

Naptown Blues - WD-056 [Plaza Inn Hotel '72].mp3
Guitarist Pat Metheny is featured with the band in this excerpt from an early-1972 Plaza Inn Hotel gig.

Naptown Blues pg1.jpg
This is the score to "Naptown Blues." The score is dated 1972.

Stella By Starlight - WD-036 ['70 Jazz Festival].mp3
This excerpt from the band's appearance at the 1970 Kansas City Jazz Festival features guest alto saxophonist John Park.

Take the 'A' Train - WD-074 ['75 Jazz Festival].mp3
This performance is from the 1975 Kansas City Jazz Festival. Note that the acoustic piano has been replaced with a Rhodes.

The Message - WD-027 ['67 Jazz Festival].mp3
This excerpt from the 1967 Kansas City Jazz Festival once again features guitarist Don Winsell alongside the Warren Durrett Brass. The tune reflects the boogaloo style that interested jazz artists in the mid-1960s.

The Message pg1.jpg
This is an excerpt of the score to "The Message" composed and arranged by Al Cohn. The score is dated 1966. Note the shorthand used on pages 3 and 4.

Tone Poem pg1.jpg
This is the score to Warren Durrett's original composition, "Tone Poem." It is scored for six saxophones, guitar, bass, and drums.

What Is There to Say - WD-085 [studio session '73].mp3
This excerpt is from a Lawrence, Kansas studio session that took place in either May or June of 1973.
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