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Financial Logbook, 1969.jpg
"Oh and he kept records! He had these notebooks – these little tiny notebooks – and he always wore shirts with little pockets. If he bought a two-cents something, it was in the notebook. He just kept records from the very beginning. He didn’t spend a…

Recording Session.jpg
In 1949, Warren began his own advertising jingle company, called Durrett Productions.

different genres and styles
different companies and products

Warren Durrett and his Orchestra.jpg
By the end of the 60s, the orchestra had mostly eliminated gigs which called for anything smaller than a 14 piece band. This typical group consisted of five wind, nine brass, rhythm, and vocals. In his earlier years, Warren switched between alto and…

Jeepers Creepers - WD-007 [Pla-Mor Ballroom '54].mp3
This excerpt is from a 1954 performance at the Pla-Mor Ballroom, one of the band's favorite Kansas City venues.

Cute - WD-022 [remote broadcast '65].mp3
This recording is from a 1965 outdoor remote broadcast at the Landing Shopping Center.

Stella By Starlight - WD-036 ['70 Jazz Festival].mp3
This excerpt from the band's appearance at the 1970 Kansas City Jazz Festival features guest alto saxophonist John Park.
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