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The Life and Times of Warren Durrett

Warren Durrett's life and career spanned from the golden age of Swing to the beginnings of Modern Jazz. His band was a pillar of traditional Jazz big band music in the Kansas City area for over forty years. In this section of Swing and Sweat, explore the man behind the music, from his early beginnings until his retirement in 1986, and beyond. Investigate the different facets of Warren's life, including the band, the jingles, family, friends, and fun anecdotes.

Durrett Productions

After recording his first commerical advertisement in 1949, Warren Durrett founded his own jingle business, Durrett Productions. Producing radio and television commercials, the company saw great success in the 1950s and 60s. Check out photographs of recording sessions, a Q&A session with Warren, and hear some jingles in this section.

The Warren Durrett Orchestra

The Warren Durrett Orchestra performed regularly in Kansas City and around the United States from 1945 until Durrett's retirement in 1986. Under his leadership, the ensemble played a wide variety of jazz standards and original charts. In this section you can hear the Warren Durrett Orchestra live at the Kansas City Jazz Festival, local venues, and in the studio, as well as look at accompanying scores.