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Broadway - WD-023 ['66 Jazz Festival].mp3
This performance is from the 1966 Kansas City Jazz Festival, where the Durrett Brass was joined by guitarist Don Winsell. On a note inside the reel's container, Durrett marked the performance as "good."

Cute - WD-022 [remote broadcast '65].mp3
This recording is from a 1965 outdoor remote broadcast at the Landing Shopping Center.

Goin' on to Detroit - WD-030 ['69 Jazz Festival].mp3
This excerpt from the band's appearance at the 1969 Kansas City Jazz Festival hints at the influence of rock and soul music, two of the more popular American styles in the 1960s.

Goin on to Detroit pg2.jpg
This is an excerpt of the score to "Goin' on to Detroit" written by Wes Montgomery. This score is dated from 1968. Note the shorthand used on page 4.

Here's That Rainy Day - WD-068 ['72 Jazz Festival].mp3
This excerpt from the 1972 Kansas City Jazz Festival showcases the Warren Durrett Orchestra with a soon-to-be world-renowned guitarist from Lee's Summit, Missouri.

I Gotta Be Me - WD-038 [Muehlebach Imperial Ballroom '70].mp3
This excerpt is from a performance at the Muehlebach Hotel and features an unnamed female vocalist. Durrett was more than pleased with this recording, describing it as "damn good" on a note inside the reel's container.

I've Gotta Be Me pg1.jpg
This is an excerpt of the score to "I've Gotta Be Me" written by Walter Marks and arranged by John Pope. It is dated 1969. Note the markings in red and black pen that point out important dynamic changes.

I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart-Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me - WD-015 [Horizon Studio '62].mp3
From a 1962 session at Horizon Studio, this recording features the band's unique arrangement of two Duke Ellington classics.

I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart:Don't Get Around Much Anymore pg1.jpg
This is the score to a medley consisting of "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart" and "Don't Get Around Much Anymore." The two charts were originally written by Duke Ellington, Henry Nemo, John Redmond, and Bob Russell. The first tune begins at letter…

Jeepers Creepers - WD-007 [Pla-Mor Ballroom '54].mp3
This excerpt is from a 1954 performance at the Pla-Mor Ballroom, one of the band's favorite Kansas City venues.
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